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Sound Savoring

January 26, 2007

Flinging the words onto the page,
Feeling each word flow from the sage–
Seeing the sage throw down tone;
Tone upon tone from high up on his thrown
Transing cords upon cords of faulty funk
Into a vocabulary of untouchable punk..


Blurred Kiss

January 26, 2007

Way to go,
By the way,
Being late and all.
I was about to leave.
I had just about totally given up hope
When this whirl of pink flew past me
Kissing me in the air on its way by.
You have a hell of a sense of timing.


January 26, 2007

Addictions are chronic disorders:
and social.
They are all here,
Here in my mind;
Because they cause pleasures.
And my being all, so knows these facts
And realizes that it needs these things to avoid depression
Depression caused by self depravation.
Starvation of feelings
When your brain knows that it is not as happy as it could be
It reaches out for that physical dependant.
And causes innate frustrations
Using your body against you
Each muscle hugs the other
Wishing that you were relieving their pains

Whether psychoactive
Or psychological;
With abatement of either
Withdrawal quickly follows.
Whether caused by peptides
Or endorphins;
We experience the same pain,
When others take away our hobbies.

She Is My Baby

January 26, 2007

This is my baby
She tends to be a bit crazy
but for me its no more than some
She reaches and reaches for more.
More of the shit from some
From the everlasting tons from–
Runs into her saying sing this pun.

Reach for me and resist the crazy
The crazy that reaches for you daily
Run from the madness that seeks you more.
I know I cause you more pain daily
Even while you seek relieve freely
Although I do provide the whole spectrum.

Found Poem “Marco’s Travels”

January 26, 2007

When a man is riding through this desert by night
and for some reason ..
falling asleep or anything else ..
he gets separated from his companions
and wants to rejoin them,
he hears spirit voices talking to him
as if they were his companions,
sometimes even calling him by name.
Often these voices lure him away from the path
and he never finds it again,
and many travelers have got lost and died because of this.
Sometimes in the night travelers hear a noise
like the clatter of a great company of riders
away from the road;
if they believe that these are some of their own company
and head for the noise,
they find themselves in deep trouble
when daylight comes
and they realize their mistake.
There were some who,
in crossing the desert,
have been a host of men coming towards them and,
suspecting that they were robbers,
they have gone hopelessly astray….
Even by daylight men hear these spirit voices,
and often you fancy you are listening to the strains of many instruments,
especially drums, and the clash of arms.
For this reason bands of travelers make a point of keeping very close together.
Before they go to sleep they set up a sign
pointing in the direction in which they have to travel,
and round the necks of all their beasts they fasten little bells,
so that by listening to the sound
they may prevent them from straying off the path.

exerpt from “Marco Polo’s Travels”