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Cure For Cancer Just A Patent Away

February 1, 2007

So, there has been a major discovery in the past week as far as cancer goes.
Many believe that we (the human race, lol) have finally found a cure for most forms of cancer, if not all forms.
The catch is, that this drug, dichloroacetate, does not have a patent and therefore will not be sought after by the big pharmacuetical companies thus limiting potential research.
This is good in the fact that it will be able to be mass produced at an extremely low cost but at the same time no news is covering this event so what kind of facility is going to want to invest their time in something that appears trivial and would not be a good investment.
Personally, I hope this drug gets researched the fuck out of because I am a heavy smoker and was betting on science to save me anyways.

Scientists Cure Cancer But No One Takes Notice


Everything Points Towards Failure

January 31, 2007

I have reached stalemate in life right now.
I cannot make any money off of ebay because of no credit card or bank account.
I cannot get a credit card because I have never “owned” anything in my life besides a student loan.
And none of my friends are willing to let me use theirs for ebay or a website domain.
So, I suppose I will probably be forced to go back home and risk being institutionalized for my “mental disorders and drug habits.”
If anyone has any ideas on how I can possibly get a credit card or a job or an internet domain, please let me know.

Halo 2

January 26, 2007

Before Halo 2, I was the serious gamer type.  You know the type, the guy that has every good video game that has ever been released from every good video game console.  That guy was me.

I played anything from Tekken to Zelda and was never content with just one game.  I was always struggling to find another game to beat; a more realistic physics engine; and a more intriguing puzzle.  That is, a few new found friends introduced me to Halo 2.  A first-person shooter game, set in the distant future that just screams out multi-player parties. We continued to play Halo 2 individually and in small and large groups for months and months after my introduction into the game.

I was the first to get an X-Box Live Account because i had heard that you were able to get on and play with 1-15 more players at any time and that opportunity was too tempting to pass up.  Once i got my Live Account I played almost every hour of the day that i was not at work or with friends (and even then we were playing most of the time).  My levels steadily rose higher, as I got better and better and eventually my skills had surpassed everyone else that i played with locally.

So, wanting more and more competition, I did everything in my power to get my friends each an X-Box Live Account so that they could experience the wonders of the Halo 2 community.  It started with Lee, and moved on to Bruce a month later; then another month went buy and Josh calls; and then Danny; and eventually we all had this wonderful little world that we could run and jump and shoot and talk to each other inside of.

Angry Myspace Friend

January 24, 2007

This is a conversation i exchanged with who I thought was my friend after me and his girlfriend exchanged a few friendly conversations (if you are not familair with myspace messages, read this from the bottom to the top):

You’re a disgusting little man.
Love ya

—————– Original Message —————–
From: the chemical messiah
Date: Jan 22, 2007 10:12 PM

rumors are things to laugh at
rumors shouldnt fuck up relationships of any kind
but the fact that you are allowing a rumor to effect our friendship to the point where you are so mad you cant even type legible sentences is pathetic
i thought you were cool as hell till friday
i just dont like being fucked with
thats the only thing that should be in the way of our friendship
and its not
so if you are straight up with trish and shes straight up with you, whats your fucking problem?

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Kentucky Chucky
Date: Jan 22, 2007 11:52 PM

but you look like a mother fucker with down syndrome.
You are a confident ugly mother fucker for thinking that my beautiful girlfriend likes your sorry ass. I think your hilarious and thats why youre my friend, and to think that I was frustrated at you over at daves is the funniest shit i’ve ever heard. Infact shes pissed at the fact that theres a rumor going around about YOU liking her going around, and I am too, because its degrading to think that you think you have a chance with her. HIV infected motherfucker…you aren’t wanted. No one wants to see your sorry bald ass on campus anymore. I simply picked the most sorry mother fucker i could make fun of and went with it. Your pathetic.
Go fuck a RHINO god.

—————– Original Message —————–
From: the chemical messiah
Date: Jan 22, 2007 7:42 PM

im not asian

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Kentucky Chucky
Date: Jan 21, 2007 6:55 PM

watch your steps mongaloid