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Everything Points Towards Failure

January 31, 2007

I have reached stalemate in life right now.
I cannot make any money off of ebay because of no credit card or bank account.
I cannot get a credit card because I have never “owned” anything in my life besides a student loan.
And none of my friends are willing to let me use theirs for ebay or a website domain.
So, I suppose I will probably be forced to go back home and risk being institutionalized for my “mental disorders and drug habits.”
If anyone has any ideas on how I can possibly get a credit card or a job or an internet domain, please let me know.


The Beginning of My Blogging Career

January 28, 2007

This is the beginning…

This post is where I plan to set forth goals and let my community know a bit about me.

1. I need to say that I just found out about how completely enveloping and wonderfully exciting the blogging community truly is last Sunday night (January 21)

2. I am sorry, but blogging comes secondary to monetization right now and I currently am jobless, without a car, without any form of identification, and broke; living with my best-friend and his dad with only a few personal assets to sell on ebay (which i am in the process of getting done right now).

3. Before Sunday I knew nothing of the wondrous options the internet has to offer the average intellectual with
half a mind to make something of himself.

4. I have not been able to stop reading blogs after blogs after blogs about SEO, blogging, coding, and just straight up making money on the internet.

5. Once the money comes in from ebay (i should be getting a few hundred dollars in 2 weeks and then a few more the next 2 weekends after that) I plan on buying my own domain name for this blog which will more than likely be or .net.

6. Then I plan on getting adsense and a few affiliate programs running, and maybe even toy around with seeding links throughout my post.

7. After my site is up and running I plan on making a few niche mini-sites to bring in links and a bit of revenue all the same.

8. Write an ebook.

9. Create a site hosting free screensavers.

10. Create a site hosting a few free CSS theme layouts.

11. Open an eCommerce store.

Now, keep in mind, the only HTML I know is how to make a link at the moment.
So I thought it would be interesting to see how successful I can get and how fast I can achieve success.

by the way: from all I have learned so far, I’m hoping to make $200,000 before the end of the year.