Everything Points Towards Failure

I have reached stalemate in life right now.
I cannot make any money off of ebay because of no credit card or bank account.
I cannot get a credit card because I have never “owned” anything in my life besides a student loan.
And none of my friends are willing to let me use theirs for ebay or a website domain.
So, I suppose I will probably be forced to go back home and risk being institutionalized for my “mental disorders and drug habits.”
If anyone has any ideas on how I can possibly get a credit card or a job or an internet domain, please let me know.


3 Responses to “Everything Points Towards Failure”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Yes, I believe you can go to a bank, make a deposit, and you may be issued a credit card with a very low credit limit; one that is backed by your deposit. Trust all goes well for you.

    Shirley Buxton

  2. goddoll Says:

    ok thank you
    now i just have to make a little money somehow to make a website

  3. Tommy Goddoll Says:

    You are a Goddoll.

    You can only be defeated when you give up.

    You have many options:
    Find a CREDIT UNION (Banks suck), and deposit some money in it. Credit unions issue debit Mastercards, as a rule, for their ATM cards. If they decide your not pretty enough, or don’t like the way you smell, decide that you remind them of someone they don’t like, God wants to make things challenging Ect. Then you may take the alternate approach and get a checking account. This takes an investment of no more then $50. Once you have a check routing number, you may contact PayPal. You objective will be to set up something you’ll need to have anyway; a PayPal sellers account. Standard issue for one of these is a ‘premier account debit card’. This is another means to the end you desire. If you can do none of these, you might want to contact your parents, and suggest to them that you wish to make something of yourself, then explain to them that you require a credit card/debit.(I prefer debit, credit to me, is like having an open fire in your living room for heat; it’s an unnecessary risk) Then ask them if they can help you open an account at their bank. This method of approach will ensure that the process of getting to said goal is much quicker. Now, for some reason, you may not see your parents as a resource for reasons that are entirely your own. I assure you, if you see them as an exit for when everything goes to hell, they will serve as a valuable resource well before things climb to that extreme. Of course, I’m assuming that you are actively wishing for a better life, and wish to get it. You could just be begging for a handout, and if so, you still have time, and life is a beautiful journey.

    Look, things sometimes look bleak and hopeless. Sometimes it feels like there’s no escape from a prison you can’t even figure the nature of. Sometimes it feels like your being held underwater. I’m telling you mate, you need to get them off your back, you need to look to your planet for help, and you need to know that you can win against these attackers. You call yourself a Goddoll, and this is what it means.

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