Halo 2

Before Halo 2, I was the serious gamer type.  You know the type, the guy that has every good video game that has ever been released from every good video game console.  That guy was me.

I played anything from Tekken to Zelda and was never content with just one game.  I was always struggling to find another game to beat; a more realistic physics engine; and a more intriguing puzzle.  That is, a few new found friends introduced me to Halo 2.  A first-person shooter game, set in the distant future that just screams out multi-player parties. We continued to play Halo 2 individually and in small and large groups for months and months after my introduction into the game.

I was the first to get an X-Box Live Account because i had heard that you were able to get on and play with 1-15 more players at any time and that opportunity was too tempting to pass up.  Once i got my Live Account I played almost every hour of the day that i was not at work or with friends (and even then we were playing most of the time).  My levels steadily rose higher, as I got better and better and eventually my skills had surpassed everyone else that i played with locally.

So, wanting more and more competition, I did everything in my power to get my friends each an X-Box Live Account so that they could experience the wonders of the Halo 2 community.  It started with Lee, and moved on to Bruce a month later; then another month went buy and Josh calls; and then Danny; and eventually we all had this wonderful little world that we could run and jump and shoot and talk to each other inside of.


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