Hallucinations on the Way Back Home

On our way home i realize i have not had but 12 hours of sleep in the past 90+ hours.

I came to this realization when i thought i was watching the road and driving nicely and then i woke up to the screeching once again.

Shortly after i begin to hallucinate…

I saw bridges,

and giant toll booths,

and anime bicycles,

and faces on the windsheild,

I must say it was quite the six hour trip home.

But to finish the trip i was locked out of my own home and while wondering around the house looking for an open window i saw the weirdest hallucination of all:
duplicates of one of my neighbors cars, and some guy was breaking into one of the two cars but he couldnt get it to unlock using something like a coat hanger i assume(its my hallucination, i can assume all i want and all i could do was stare in fascination because for a good 10 minutes i couldnt figure out if it was just some dumb fuck that didnt see me or if i was hallucinating yet again.

Finally, I decided to turn around and then back again to see if he was still there doing the same thing.
So i did.
it was amazingly vivid

So I am legally insane seeing as I have now hallucinated without the help of forces outside my own mind/body.


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